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We like Steel Style’s style
- The Evening News, Published: June 19, 1979

For hundreds of years, until railroads made their appearance, the Hudson River served as a link between waterside communities and the farms, business and industry.

This area, like others, had its share – even more than its share – of heavy industry... foundaries, lumberyards, ship builders, machine shops, pipe manufacturers and others.

Time passed and so did most of the heavy industry, due to changes in technology, transportation and other factors. Heavy industry is much to be desired by any community for what is means in jobs, taxes and status.
Newburgh can boast of at least one heavy industry today: Steel Style at 401 South Water St. and “boast” is the word.

The company moved here a few years back, quietly and with little desire for publicity. A spokesman said it manufactured steel forms for swimming pools and for water storage tanks atop buildings in New York, City.

It has blossomed through the years, expanding into its present line of building drydocks and fabricating the steel work for the second Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.

Its latest project was a $2 million drydock caisson gate, now on the way to Charleston, S.C. It has built drydock repair pens for the largest, most modern U. S. submarines at Groton and has contracts for work in Hawaii.

The owners’ pride in their facilities is evident in the well cared-for appearance it presents. The number of jobs it makes available has been of inestimable benefit in an area where jobs aren’t easy to come by.

If Newburgh’s waterfront could be given a facelifting such as the removal of the huge eyesore that once was the River Queen restaurant, burned out in a fire . . . and if Waterside Apartments could be rehabilitated before they disintegrate entirely... and if 18 aces of long-empty urban renewal land could be put to some beneficial use. . .

A lot of “ifs,” but Newburgh – which was once the key city between New York and Albany – might start coming back into its own.

Steel Style is a big plus for Newburgh and the area. May it serve as a magnet for other companies to take advantage of one of the finest transportation and shipping hubs in the entire state.

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