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National Association of Government Contractors  

National Association of Government Contractors  


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For hotels, hospitals, institutions, apartment and office buildings, etc., indoor or outdoor, for Rooftop and Ground Installations.

A Stainless steel tank has become a necessity in hospitals, office buildings and other institutions bidding for public patronage. Profit-minded architects and proprietors naturally seek the tank with the least maintenance. Proved in a number of leading buildings as the last word in the elimination of costly recoating, the Steelways, Inc. Stainless Tank offers all these important advantages:

  • Leak-Proof – The only tank warranted against corrosion, cracks, leaks, seepage or rust for a period of ten years. Impervious to climatic rigors, including freezes.
  • Takes No Ground Space – Makes extra use, extra profits from available space on rooftop or setbacks. Installable in almost any unused space – on slab without hole or suspended between floors. Can be relocated. Domestic or Fire Water Storage Tanks with minimum adaptation can be used for chemical storage.
  • Up to 3 Times Lighter – yet many times stronger. Requires less foundation and supporting columns. 3/16" Stainless replaces 1/2" Carbon Steel Tanks.
  • Self-Supporting Structure – reduces site preparation to a minimum – Dunnage beams included.
  • Low Cost, Fast Installation – Lighter weight allows one piece installation in most cases eliminating costly field welding. Large units assembled from factory fabricated steel sections delivered to site. All welds certified.
  • Cost – Stainless Steel Tanks cost no more than Carbon Steel due to elimination of sandblasting, coatings, and the lighter weight involved.
  • Engineering Aid – Available for Architects, Engineers and Owners seeking to take advantage of stainless steel.
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