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Ideal for hotels, motels, institutions, apartment and office buildings.
indoor or outdoor, for Rooftop and Ground Installations

A modern swimming pool has become a competitive necessity in hotels, motels, and other institutions bidding for public patronage. Profit-minded proprietors naturally seek the pool that stays beautiful with the least expense.

The Steelways, Inc. All-Metal pool offers all these important advantages:

  • Leak Proof
    Only pool warranted against cracks, leaks or seepage. Impervious to climatic rigors, including freezes.
  • Takes No Ground Space
    Makes extra use, extra profits from available space on rooftop or setbacks. Installable in almost any unused space – on slab without hole, suspended between buildings or with cantilevered decks to permit parking underneath. Can be relocated. With minimum adaptation can substitute for water tower.
  • Up to 12 Times Lighter THAN CONCRETE
    yet many times stronger. Requires less foundation and supporting columns.
  • Self-Supporting Structure
    Reduces site preparation to minimum.
  • Low, Cost, Fast Installation
    Less substructure. Assembled from factory-fabricated thick-plate steel sections delivered to site. Welds certified.
  • Cost
    Cost less per year than any other type of pool. The annual Spring maintenance has been eliminated.
    Full engineering service available for integration of pool into building structure & Board of Health approval.
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