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Huge caisson launched
- The Evening News, Published: August 29, 1980

NEW WINDSOR – Orange County Executive Louis Heimbach donned a construction worker’s hard hat on Thursday at Steel Style Inc. shipyards to bark commands through a “bullhorn” – signaling workers to begin launching a 575-ton caisson gate to be used in a naval drydock at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands.

Before the launching ceremony, the county executive spoke briefly of the local economic significance and favorable job impact of the construction contract, awarded to Steel Style by the U.S. Navy. The caisson gate is destined for the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, and will be towed through the Panama Canal to reach its Pacific destination.

The massive, shiplike welded steel structure was erected in Steel Style’s fabrication yard at the edge of the Hudson River, on the borderline between Newburgh and New Windsor. It was anchored in place during the construction period by seven sets of steel cables. Patriotic bunting decorated the completed hulk.

At Thursday’s high tide – shortly before 2 p.m. – Heimbach ordered welders to begin cutting the anchor cables with acetylene torches. After Heimbach initiated the launch, Steel Style Executive Vice President David Plotkin and other company officials wearing Hawaiian-style flower leis continued the command sequence.

With powerful tractors bearing against the caisson gate on the landward side, the structure began to slide by its own weight into the river on greased skids after the welders had severed the fifth retaining cable. The highly buoyant gate settled easily into the Hudson, displacing only a small amount of foam and spray before bobbing to rest.

Mayor Joan Shapiro represented the City of Newburgh at the launching ceremony.

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